The Fugue of Forgetting

In the year 2000 I was living in Rome, and was invited to the ZKM (Zentrum fur Kunst und Media) for a residency.  While there I made Trinity, a 7 screen installation work of a rather abstract nature.  And in the same time, the US-Iraq war began, and the torture and other acts of America […]

A Journey in India

Somewhere around 2002, thanks to some early chat boards, I bumped into a request for someone to take care of digital equipment at a video workshop in India, a place I’d never heard of.  I wrote and said I could do that, but likely it would be a better use of my talents to do […]

Roma – a portrait

On moving to Rome, where I ended up living for five years all told, once I had DV cameras, I wandered the city, shooting whatever caught my fancy – and there’s a lot in Rome to catch one’s eyes.  I wasn’t shooting with anything particular in mind, rather doing what seemed like making a loose […]

2004 – Coming Home

  Homecoming was made in 2004, not long after I returned to the United States after 10 continuous years abroad, mostly in Italy, and Portugal and the UK.   I’d returned after hearing from friends how bad things were in the post 9/11 lurch to the right.  On returning not long afterwards the Iraq war began.  […]

Muri Romani (I)

When I moved to Rome part of the enticement was simply the place itself, which seemed to be a vast 3 dimensional painting, most of it unconsciously made, the by-product of a time, local materials, and surely a 2 thousand year old culture and its habits.  The walls of the city – particularly in the […]

Not So Easy Easy Pieces

6 Easy Pieces is a compilation of shots and sequences made over the period 1996 – 1999, which seemed to find themselves draw together by a kind of gravitational attraction. The work is intended as a kind of sampler of the potential aesthetic range of DV and consumer-level NLE systems, though, of course, it is […]

In the Streams of Light

  In 1996 I received two digital video cameras, after having worked in film (celluloid) for 33 years.  I understood immediately that this was an entirely different media and I wished to learn about it as much as I could.  One of the differences was cost, and its effects.  Film, which is costly, did not […]