Not So Easy Easy Pieces

6 Easy Pieces is a compilation of shots and sequences made over the period 1996 – 1999, which seemed to find themselves draw together by a kind of gravitational attraction. The work is intended as a kind of sampler of the potential aesthetic range of DV and consumer-level NLE systems, though, of course, it is […]

In the Streams of Light

  In 1996 I received two digital video cameras, after having worked in film (celluloid) for 33 years.  I understood immediately that this was an entirely different media and I wished to learn about it as much as I could.  One of the differences was cost, and its effects.  Film, which is costly, did not […]

London Calling

In 1996, somewhat serendipitously, I became owner of some of the first consumer models for Digital Video, a Sony VX700 and VX1000.  Following my increasingly unhappy experiences with the business side (as well to some degree the cultural side) of the film world, these were like manna from heaven to me.  On handling them for […]

Fouled Beds

Hot on the heels of making All The Vermeers in New York and Sure Fire, in what appears in hindsight to be a somewhat feverish creative rush, I went again to shoot another feature, somewhat full of myself, thinking and telling friends, I was out to make a masterpiece.  Brian DePalma was saying the same […]