In my cursory readings of the film press in the last year I noticed repeated positive comment on the film Zama, by Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel.  I don’t recall having seen any of her earlier films [(La Ciénaga (2001), The Holy Girl (La niña santa) (2004), The Headless Woman (La mujer sin cabeza) (2008)], but had noticed […]

Cannes Cannes Armageddon

  It’s May, that time of year all the film folks hustle off to Cannes, presumably to do serious business, check the pulse of the “seventh art,” and see the latest “product” from the more adventurous side of the largely narrative/commercial/theatrical side of the industry. Some little corners are reserved for the officially anointed not-so-commercial […]

Over Here

Back in the US after a trip to Europe where La Lunga Ombra was made, my attentions again turned to America and the on-going war-of-choice in Iraq, and its domestic “collateral damages”.  Despite the political cold shoulder which Homecoming had – no American festivals would show it, hardly any screenings could be found, despite its […]