To be or not to be Noble or Nobel

This happened some days ago – I didn’t manage to get around to watching it until now.  It did bring tears to my eyes – perhaps a generational thing.  What struck me was the bizarre setting:  Patti Smith’s faltering and recovery, the mix of instruments (an acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and strings in black and […]

Blowin’ Smoke in Your Face When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes OR Noblesse Oblige?

A week or so ago, a friend, Nilanjan Hajra, wrote from Kolkata and asked me if I would write a little piece on Bob Dylan on being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.  He figured it was of my time, and I might have a little worth saying.  I accepted and set about writing. This […]

Trumped & Pumped

In keeping with the long-ago prediction of Alexis de Tocqueville, and the more recent admonition from the Sage of Baltimore, America’s electoral circus has devolved into a Three Stooges show, in which the once-staid captains of the GOP front-and-center the cull of their crop. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the […]

Clearing (metaphorical) House

In anticipation of a major move coming up, a last little effort to shed some material weight in the form of books, DVDs, and perhaps some other things.  Being the world’s worst salesman, I list (some of) the goodies here, and ask that you contact me if interested. Watercolors and Drawings is 100 pages, 8 […]